Are you ready?

Are you where you want to be with your health?  Your headspace?  Your fitness?  Your relationships?  Your job?

If not - that’s OK - you have five and a half months to get there!  That’s A LOT of time… if you put the effort in.

Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 7.06.37 PM.png

It’s time to evaluate, plan and execute!  

  1. Choose your genre then set the goal - a SPECIFIC goal. For example, improved fitness- bench pressing 100lb. Or improved health- cutting out processed sugars from your diet 6 days a week. Or better stress management- meditating 5 minutes everyday. Need I go on?

  2. Make a plan!  Take your time and give it some thought.  It might take some preparation on the front end by doing meal prep at the beginning of the week, it may mean a few extra minutes after you normal workout to do some skill work on those push ups, it could mean tweaking your schedule just a tiny bit to accommodate that big project at work that you want to just knock out of the park.  This is minor stuff in the broad scheme of things and the payoff will be huge.

  3. Now it’s time to executeCONSISTENCY is the key!  Is your goal worth 5 minutes of your time every day?  (That’s ONLY 35 minutes a week!) Is ACHIEVING your goal worth the extra sweat or passing up those store bought cupcakes that look better than they taste?  I bet it is! Remembering the importance of your goal will help you stay committed.

Will you be greeting 2020 as your best self?

Need help to reach your goals? 

Our 21 Day Paleo + Fitness Challenge starts August 5th! If your goals involve health, nutrition and/or fitness, then this is the challenge for you!

In addition to our super effective daily programming, we’re now offering ONE-ON-ONE health coaching to provide extra accountability and guidance!  Get in touch if you’re interested or what to know more!

You work for yourself -

Not for your spouse, your kids, your boss, your best friend, your social media audience, not anyone else.  

I’m not talking about being self employed in the professional sense of the term, I’m talking about ALL the decisions you make.  I’m talking about finding the drive and motivation to follow through to make the life you want.

fitness - motivation - exercise

You are your own boss.  And when you step back and take it all in, if you’re not proud - that falls on YOU.  Stop being passive, stop missing out, stop being a victim.  

Take control, build a practice and a life that you’re PROUD of.  

Work for yourself, you’re worth it.

Do you know when to quit?

Some of us don’t know when to quit.  

And a lot of us don’t know when NOT to quit.

fitness - motivation- do not quit

Times you should quit:

  • When you’re injured and pressing on will be a detriment to your recovery.

  • When you’re in physical pain (not due to exertion).

  • That’s it, the end.

Times you cannot quit:

  • When the voice in your head is whining.

  • When you’re not sure you can finish.

  • When you’re not sure you’re prepared enough.

  • When no one is there to support you.

  • When no one is there to hold you accountable.

  • When you’re tired.

  • When you’re uncomfortable.

  • When you already committed to finishing.

Giving up is contagious, it’s can also become a habit.  

Don’t buy into that behavior cycle, expect more of yourself.  Do not quit.

Use your fitness.

Accomplished.  Proud.  Strong.  Determined.  Tenacious….



Just a few adjectives used to describe the powerful feelings you get after completing a daunting physical challenge.  

When was the last time you USED your fitness? 

I don’t mean during a normal Tuesday morning workout, I mean when was the last time you carried yourself across a finish line?  Or the last time climbed a mountain?  Or kayaked across the harbor, or biked 10 miles without stopping, or paddle boarded around the lake?

Do something with your fitness.  Use the strength you’ve built in your legs to carry yourself to the peak of that mountain.  Use the endurance you’ve created in your lungs to run that fundraiser 5k.  Use everything you’ve got to complete that obstacle course race your best friend has been nagging you about.  

You built this strength, now go do SOMETHING with what you’ve created. 

It will bring meaning to the sweat and sacrifice.  It will bring purpose to early alarms and the grueling workouts. 



Step up to the starting line, hike the steep trail without stopping, swim across the entire pond. Use what you’ve built! Chances are good you don’t even know how strong you are! 

Who do you want to be?

You want to be healthier?  Then you have to start making better choices for yourself.

You want to run faster?  Then you have to start doing the strength training and interval work.

You want to lose weight?  Then you have to start being more aware of the food you chose to put in your body.

To change your current state, then you need to start reflecting the person you want to be.  

fitness - goals - workout

To be the person you want to be, it will mean adopting new habits - scheduling four workouts per week, taking the time to meal prep, going to bed earlier, etc.  

But it will also require you to eliminate your triggers.  You will never win the war by running away from the battles.

This might mean you have to burn some bridges - your unhealthy habits, negative mindsets, draining relationships, harmful attachments to the past, you name it!  You need to ditch what does not serve you and your dreams.  

Add more good stuff, cut the negative. Make the changes. Start being the person you want to be.

Debunking the frequent assumptions about our program!

FOMO FA (Frequent Assumptions):

1. I’m too out of shape to do the workouts - Forward Momentum is a great solution if this is part of your thought loop.  Daily workouts are present in 4 components, you can start by selecting 2 or 3 parts and work up from there.  All the movements are easily scaled back to your current fitness level.  We all have to start somewhere! (And did we mention you can choose do the workouts in the privacy and comfort of your own living room.)


2. I’m too old - Not possible.  We have multiple 70+ year old FOMO’ers.  Forward Momentum programming is designed to meet you where you are.  Choose the components that work for you, or skip the workout of the day all together and scroll back to a previous workout instead!

3. I won’t know how to do the movements - Pictures and descriptions are always included with EACH workout EVERYDAY.  So there’s no need to waste time searching the internet for questionable how-to’s.  

4. It’s probably too expensive and I’m on a budget - Forward Momentum membership ranges from $24-$29/month depending on your commitment.  We also frequently run challenges with the opportunity to win credits toward your membership!  Plus, workouts can be done at home with minimal equipment, so nix the expensive gym membership and you might find yourself saving a little cash!

5. I’ll get hurt - Injury prevention is what Forward Momentum is all about!  The workouts are written by a licensed physical therapist and always include injury prevention and mobility components.  Plus, every Wednesday we post Wellness tips, follow us on social media so you can take advantage of those!

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 5.44.20 PM.png

6. It’s only for women -  In my years of experience, I have never come a cross a movement that only serves to build strength in one gender and not the other.  (Please correct me if you know of one!)  Our membership is almost exactly 50:50 male/female.  The workouts are infinitely scaleable up or down, so if you do your best in following the programming and you will be rewarded with results regardless of your gender.

7. I don’t have time for that - We all get 24 hours, I won’t get started on the choices we make with regards to time management, but you’d be surprised how easy it is to find time when you consciously prioritize your goals.  Workouts from start to finish are always less than 60 minutes, but you can always select components based on your time restrictions that day.

Do you have another reason why you can’t start exercising today?  We want to hear it!!  Reach out to us and we’ll help you find a solution. 

We truly believe in these workouts, we believe in the power of exercise, we believe in taking control of your life and making yourself more durable so you don’t fall into the cycle of chronic injuries.  

Sign up TODAY or get in touch using the links below.

Why you should pay for a fitness program.


Sure, we’ve all done it - scrolled through Instagram and found really fun looking workouts to do and pieced them together into this strengthen circuit, with that cardio workout, plus this core workout.  It’s free, so what’s to complain about?!  But are you actually improving your fitness in a purposeful and efficient way? Are you doing safe and responsible workouts? Maybe!  But then again, maybe not.  

Here’s four reasons why you should commit to a sequential fitness program.

1. Results - You’re going to see results a lot faster when you’re following a program that has be thoughtfully laid out in advance.  When professionals write programming, they’re putting a lot of consideration into a number of variables (time, intensity, movements themselves, combinations of movements, etc.) when piecing together a workout, then compound that into a week or month’s worth of workouts.  With that forethought, they’re able to provide you with the most optimal and efficient workout possible. 

2. Get some skin in the game -  How many times have you “committed” to a free challenge or free program?  It didn’t stick did it?  How many times have you followed through on something you actually had to pay for?  See what I’m getting at?  When you place value on something (in this case, monetary value) and invest in it then you’re far more likely to utilize the resource and remain committed to it.

3. Experience + education -  Anyone can put out a free program.  I am by no means making a blanket statement here, but SOMETIMES people who have no business writing workouts are putting them out there for the world to waste their time with (or worse, get injured trying to do).  Get your money’s worth, you should be paying for experience and education.  In the case of Forward Momentum, I hold a doctorate degree in physical therapy, I have over 7 years of experience doing personal training with a variety of clients, and 5 years of experience running and writing the programming for a CrossFit gym.  Do your research and get the most bang for your buck!

4. Efficient - Granted, scrolling is a GREAT thumb workout, but think about the time you waste trying to come up with what to do today - you could be half done an entire workout in that time!  You’re going to see better results when you spend more time actually breaking a sweat than brainstorming your workout.

I’m not saying it has to be Forward Momentum (though that would be my choice!), I’m just suggesting that you invest in yourself and your health by making the commitment to an established and reputable program.

Let's talk about.... SLEEP!

Let’s talk about sleep - it’s integral to athletic performance, but also essential for wellbeing and LIFE!

Do you get enough?  Adults are supposed to sleep between 7 and 10 hours per night!  One study found that adults who slept between five and seven hours had an increased mortality rate, especially from heart disease.  Less than 6 hours of sleep per night is also also associated with higher risk of diabetes, obesity, stroke, depression, decreased cognitive function and a suppressed immune system.

I don’t want to just drop statistics on you but you should read this little excerpt from Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker:

For cardiovascular health, I believe that finding comes from a ‘global experiment’ in which 1.5 billion people are forced to reduce their sleep by one hour or less for a single night each year. It is very likely that you have been part of this experiment, otherwise known as daylight savings time.

In the Northern Hemisphere, the switch to daylight savings time in March results in most people losing an hour of sleep opportunity. Should you tabulate millions of daily hospital records, as researchers have done, you discover that this seemingly trivial sleep reduction comes with a frightening spike in heart attacks the following day. Impressively, it works both ways. In the autumn within the Northern Hemisphere, when the clocks move forward and we gain an hour of sleep opportunity time, rates of heart attacks plummet the day after. A similar rise-and-fall relationship can be seen with the number of traffic accidents, proving that the brain, by way of attention lapses and micro-sleeps, is just as sensitive as the heart to very small perturbations of sleep. Most people think nothing of losing an hour of sleep for a single night, believing it to be trivial and inconsequential. It is anything but.



Here’s a well established and documented list of ways to improve your quality of sleep:

  1. Drinking alcohol before bed decreases quality of sleep - specifically the deep sleep stage.

  2. Maintain a regular sleep schedule - your biological clock seeks to maintain a routine.  (Think how you feel when you have jet lag…)  Natural light helps to regulate the sleep-wake cycle, so be sure to spend time outside everyday!

  3. Put away the devices - blue light is real, and it does effect the release of melatonin (a sleep hormone)!  Put the screens away 2 hours before bed - yes, you read that correctly, 120 minutes before your eyes close for sleep they should not gaze upon a screen. 
    I’ve been working really hard on this myself- no Netflix after dinner has meant a lot of card games and more conversation with Nick.  Double the perks: we sleep better and our quality time has increased!

  4. Workout regularly - Exercise improves sleep quality and increases sleep duration.  As if you didn’t need anymore reasons to get started with Forward Momentum, add this to the list!

Want to learn more about sleep?  Check out this great summary of all things sleep from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders. 

I challenge you to implement one habit change to improve your quality (or quantity) of sleep. Now get off this screen and go catch some Z’s!

Just go for it!

You might know that Lily is the author of this blog, you might also know she has a personal blog as well.  Today you’re going to read an excerpt from THAT blog since it applies to how most people feel about committing to a fitness plan, goal, diet, etc.

Go for it.

Even if you think you can’t.

Even if other people think you can’t.

Even if you don’t know how to get where you want to go.

Even if you have to go alone.

Go for it.

We all have dreams and goals whispering in the back of our head.  Maybe sparked by something we’ve seen or read - insert thought bubble [I COULD do that, what if, wouldn’t that be cool, if they can do it then I bet I could…] but then the self doubt FLOODS in and we burry the idea again.

Run-motivation-set goals

This applies to fitness goals too!  We’ve all dreamed of what it would feel like to cross the finish line at the local 5k/half marathon/ Spartan Race.  We’ve all been around someone successfully sticking to their diet plan and thought 'I could do that too.’ 

Instead of letting the negative chatter throw water on that little spark, what if you fed the fire? 

What if you signed up for the race?  What if you committed to a workout program?  What if you stopped eating sugar?  

What if you just go for it?  

What’s the worst that could happen?

Find a tribe.

So you’ve set a goal and you’re about to start getting after it - for the sake of this blog we’ll stick to the health and fitness goal realm - now what?  

You might be feeling excited, a little apprehensive, optimistic, nervous, etc.  

Now how would you feel if you knew there was a group of individuals supporting you while you move towards this goal?

All too often, we feel like we have to take on our goals alone or we neglect to set ourselves up for success by skipping the step where we find our tribe!

Sometimes we feel like the failure of not meeting a goal will sting less if less people know.  While that’s normal, let’s re-write the script on that behavior.  Look at that statement objectively, your friends will never think less of you if you can’t complete the ENTIRE Whole 30 diet without a slip up or if your next 5k time isn’t a personal best.  In reality, they’re going to support anything that makes you a better person, and you might even inspire them to join you!



You don’t have to go to great lengths to find a running group or join a gym to create accountability - it can be as simple as telling your friends or family about the goal you’ve set for yourself.  Ask your best friend to help keep you on the wagon so they can talk you off the ledge when you’re feeling like eating the cupcake.  Or even better, ask them join you in training for the next 5k race or Whole 30 Challenge!

So while you write the meal plans, do the food prep, choose the training program, do not forget to get your tribe involved!

Looking for motivation and support to kick start your exercise routine? Look no further than our Get Moving Challenge - a 10 day workout challenge. Grab your TRIBE and get signed up to kick the winter blues!

What is your environment doing for you?

“If you want to maximize your odds of success, then you need to operate in an environment that accelerates your results rather than hinders them” - James Clear

Whether you consciously or subconsciously recognize it or not, the space you inhabit on a daily basis has the power to help or hinder your success.  This applies to more than our homes, it’s our workspaces, the vehicle we commute in, etc.  But just like temptation can be everywhere, so too can items or reminders that support your goals!

Real talk: I’m a SUCKER for toast with butter - so you know what we don’t have at home?  Bread or a toaster!  We also have a gym in our basement, so there are no excuses to not workout on a day full of meetings and appointments.

What can you do to YOUR environment to make yourself more successful?

  • Do you struggle with portion control, try smaller dinner plates. 

  • Is it hard to find time in your schedule for a workout, try choosing a gym that’s on the way to/from work (or a home gym) rather than one you have to drive out of your way to.

  • Are you trying to stick to a certain diet, clear your pantry of all junk food and instigate a rule not to bring any food temptations into the house - this includes your snack drawer at work too!

  • Do want to improve the quality of your sleep, try leaving your phone in the kitchen before you go to bed to reduce your blue light intake.

Take a step to set yourself up for success by changing ONE thing about your environment.



Don't waste it.

So you’ve been making great choices lately - less processed junk in your diet + more vegetables and fruits, getting four or five workouts in a week + less time on the couch, more hours of sleep + less screen time.

And then temptation starts creeping its way back in…


Don’t waste it!

Don’t waste the streak you’ve created.

Don’t waste the progress towards better habits.

Don’t waste the sacrifice.

Don’t waste the MOMENTUM.

Stay on track, keep your eyes on the road.  It’s okay to consider the alternative, it’s even okay to trip up a few times, but then GET BACK ON THE WAGON.  Don’t throw it all away, because we both know on the other side of that donut, or that skipped workout is disappointment and then regret and then complacency.

You’re doing great, don’t waste it.

What kind of person do you want to be?

Sometimes answering this question is an easier way to set big goals, create a system and make the most effective choices.  Having a system or outline of how to approach healthy decision making takes some of the stress out of situations.

Do you want to be the kind of person that never misses a work out?  

What does this kind of person do on a regular basis - they probably pack their gym bag the night before, block off workouts on their schedule, they get in a quick workout even on their busiest days, etc.  And the benefits of being this kind of person?  More energy, the stamina to run around with their kids, looking great in the mirror, the strength to carry their luggage through the airport, etc.

Do you want to be the kind of person who always eats healthy?

What does their healthy eating system look like - they probably meal plan for the week, they go to the grocery store prepared with a list, they buy non-processed items and maybe hit up the farmers market or sign up for a CSA to get local produce, they spend the 20 minutes cooking dinner at home instead of ordering out even though their tired or busy, etc.

The healthy eater probably shops around the “perimeter” of the grocery store where all the whole-foods are located.

The healthy eater probably shops around the “perimeter” of the grocery store where all the whole-foods are located.

Do you see what I’m getting at here?  

If you choose what TYPE of person you really want to be, creating a system to BE that person is a lot easier than just setting the goal of loosing 10 pounds.  Loosing 10 pounds will be a byproduct of being the person that never misses a workout or being the healthier eater.  It’s a much more sustainable perspective and puts you in a healthier head space too!

So ask yourself next time you make decision- what would the kind of person I want to be do right now?  It might not feel natural at first, but just like with any other habit - give it time, it will become automatic as you become the kind of person you want to be!

It’s okay to ask for help or outsource some of those systems to build momentum - in fact, the Back On Track Lifestyle Challenge starts March 4th!  It’s a fitness, nutrition and healthy habit challenge designed to create support and accountability!  Click here for more info!

Cheat or treat?

It’s what you do all the time, not what you do once in a while.  

I FIRMLY believe that indulging in an occasional “TREAT” meal - I think it’s essential to being successful in your LONG TERM nutrition goals.  Key word being “LONG TERM!”

There is definitely a place for the Whole 30, or any other elimination/nutrition challenge for a reasonable number of days.  However, all too often we swear off a certain type of food for X-number of days and on the X-day we get ourselves to that restaurant/bakery/ice cream parlor as quickly as possible and binge on the food we’ve been perseverating on.  Fine- that’s sort of to be expected.  But then the next day, rather than getting back on the healthy food wagon, we beat ourselves up for yesterday’s less optimal choices and figure there’s no point in continuing with the the healthy habits we just spent a month setting up.

Does this cinnamon roll make my head look big?

Does this cinnamon roll make my head look big?

Sure, for whatever reason somedays are just a total train wreck.  I’m the first one to admit I can get on the Baked-Good Wagon to Pleasure Town and not get off until I’ve had two donuts and a cupcake… in 5 hours.  Is it the end of the world?  Should I just throw in the towel on my whole-food plant-based plan?  Absolutely not.  Think about it this way- if you only worked out once a week rather than 5 days a week, would you expect to see drastic change?  No.  If you ate a donut once a week rather than every morning, would you except to see drastic change?  Nope.  

It’s all about consistency and structure.  Good habits crowd out bad habits.  So make a plan for that ONE delicious treat each week - choose carefully, make it special, savor it, heck, invite a friend and enjoy the whole experience!  

So enjoy that treat…
Then get back on the wagon because eating healthy will ALWAYS feel better than junk food tastes.

So... why plant-based?

Quick disclaimer: Exercise is great and absolutely essential for optimal health, but equally (if not more) important is how you fuel your body.  If you imagine a house, nutrition is the foundation with exercise being the first floor.  I firmly believe nutrition is a personal journey - it’s truly an experiment to find the exact combination of types and quantities of food that allow for optimal function.  What I eat to feel my best is different than what Nick eats to feel his best, and both of those plans will be different than what makes YOU feel your best.  

The China Study, one of the largest comprehensive studies of human nutrition ever conducted, is over 400 pages of nutrition facts and stats relating food to health and concludes with a recommendation for the best diet for long term health.  In summary, it finds animal protein promotes the growth of cancer and eating a plant-based reduces heart disease risk and promotes good long term health.

(This blog post from Well + Good summarizes the China study really well.)

Personally, I recover faster from workouts (I RARELY get delayed onset muscle soreness anymore), my sleep has improved, stabile/sustained energy levels and my skin is clearer.  Nick notices less bloating and feelings of over-fullness, improved cardiovascular endurance, decreased body fat, no more mid-afternoon crashes and is also sleeping better.

ALL of THAT, PLUS the ethical reasons - we’ve driven past so many heart breaking feedlots- honestly I get a lump in my throat every time. AND the environmental reasons - reduced greenhouse gases to produce food, preservation of species and habitats, and water conservation - help affirm this decision!

WE EAT SO GOOD, EVEN THE DOGS WANT TO GET ON THE VEGAN TRAIN! (Calm down, they eat a fish and poultry based kibble.)

WE EAT SO GOOD, EVEN THE DOGS WANT TO GET ON THE VEGAN TRAIN! (Calm down, they eat a fish and poultry based kibble.)

If you want to give the plant-based diet a try, sign up for the 15 day Guided Challenge, it starts TOMORROW (February 4th)!  You’ll receive a food template to follow, plus meal plans and more!  I WISH I had something like this to follow when we started, trial and error when it comes to cooking food is no fun!